Man pays £6,000 per year to sit in cleaning cupboard, every year for 17 years

A man has paid £6,000 per year to sit in cleaning cupboard, every year for the past 17 years. On a train, obviously.

Commuting sucks. The city worker, who didn't want to be named, has spent a hell of a lot of money on his commute from Ipswich to London Liverpool Street over the last 17 years. And for most of that time he hasn't been able to find a seat - so he started sitting in the cleaning cupboard, like a mop, or Harry Potter.

The man noticed he could get a seat all to himself if he was willing to sit in a mop cupboard - like a bucket or a wet floor sign - and has sat in there every evening, since the train is too busy at night.

"I can usually get an official seat on the way in to London during the morning rush hour," he said.

"But in the evening the train I catch, the 6.30, is usually so full there’s no space."

"I found this little spot some time ago and I use it quite often."

£20 a day to sit in a cupboard

Commuting 1h15 minutes a day, the commuter has spent roughly 300 hours a year sitting in his little cupboard (like a crusty cleaning sponge that can talk).

That's £20 per hour spent in cupboard per day. And he's one of the lucky ones who gets to sit down. The rest of the commuters on his train are paying the same amount to stand, whilst looking on in jealousy at the man in the cupboard who gets to sit down. UK commuters are now actually at a point where we're jealous of a guy who gets to sit in a mop cupboard.

"Get out of my cupboard" - Greater Anglia trains

It gets worse. In response to the story, an Abellio Greater Anglia spokesperson told the metro that the cupboard is for crew use only, and not for use by members of the public. Meaning that the guy may have to move out of his cleaning cupboard, or face a fine.

The spokesperson added that the carriages were currently under renovation and the train’s capacity would improve.

"Two of the seven vehicles of this type operating have already been converted and on completion of the programme later this year, this will provide over 600,000 more standard seats a year (or 2,500 more seats a day) on our intercity service," he said.

In the mean time, the man continues to sit in his cleaning cupboard. Like a flannel or some toilet duck.

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