Man opens nan's laptop, finds something he can't handle

A man who opened his nan's laptop against all advice found something incredibly pleasing.

Ben John, 26, opened his nan's laptop, and discovered she's been writing "please" and "thank you" whenever she does a Google search.

Even a grandma who writes "please" and "thank you" when she searches is too savvy to use Yahoo.

The grandma clearly thinks that someone is sat at another computer, translating her Roman numerals into numbers in under 0.58 seconds and sending them right back at her.

Or she thinks it's nice to show basic human politeness to an algorithm.

Whilst everyone has laughed at the poor Googling and/or pointed out how sweet it is that she says thank you to Google, a lot of other people are confessing that they say thank you to Siri...

Just in case...

And people have been asking Google (WITHOUT saying thank you) why Siri never says "you're welcome".

So it seems that humans are fine with you saying please and thank you to a robot, as long as you say the words out loud.

The moment you type them into a search engine, you look like you were born in the 1820s.

One last word of warning:

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