Man lives in car for to save money, has own kitchen, "office" and bedroom

A man has lived in his car for a year to save money, whilst also holding down a respectable job as a sales manager.

The man has managed to save enough money to pay off his debts as well as going out on dates and eating out, and says

"I have been using the extra money to enjoy life, eating out, hobbies, dates. A lot of money goes to pay off debts. For example I'm on track to have my car paid off in full in three years total."

There are downsides of course, including his sleeping arrangements, his "office space" and the fact that he has to "shower at the gym and poop in public bathrooms."

Despite this he says he is enjoying the car-life.

"I learned to live with the essentials. I took what I learned and applied it to my life now. I am happy."

Despite only owning three drawers in his car, the top one is used for juggling balls.

"In my middle drawer I store all of my clothes. Using a technique to roll my shirts allows me to keep my clothing organised. Work clothes for the next day get hung up."

"This is all my clothes, for work, for everything."

The bottom is used for food and cooking utensils.

"Everything I own is in my vehicle. No storage unit. No side apartment."

The Norwegian sales manager says he has been "quasi-secretly living out of my 2014 Ford Escape while holding an executive sales position for over a year."

Everything he owns is in his car, and he has managed to keep his job down the whole time by hanging up his work clothes the night before, to stop them from being crumpled, and showing in public bathrooms as much as possible.

"All of my belongings fit and are easily accessible in the trunk of my 2014 Ford Escape. I do not store anything on my passenger seats or in the floor space of my vehicle."

"I store house keeping items and hygiene products discreetly in the side door storage pockets and extra shoes under my front seats. Showers are taken at the gym and the bathrooms I use are public."

"I found that when my front passenger seat is moved all the way forward and when my back seats are set down, it had the perfect dimensions to create additional space."

"This additional space allows me to lay down completely in the vehicle. I am 6'2''."

Transport / kitchen / bedroom / office space

As a sales manager he lives his life on the road, so finds it a convenient way to commute, and has even set up an "office" outside his Ford car.

To get the internet, he simply parks near a Starbucks or a McDonalds to leech off their free wi-fi.

"I use a compact folding table and chair to make an outside work station. I have a car outlet in my trunk where I plug in an inverter to charge devices. When I park outside of a location with a WIFI hotspot, I have the perfect outdoor office."

This is his office. His office is a deck chair in front of a laptop.

"I choose this lifestyle"

Though he has done this to save money and pay off his debts, he says he is enjoying the lifestyle and uses the money he saves to enjoy life and go on a lot of dates.

"I choose this lifestyle. This is what gives life meaning to me. I spend most of my time outside and sleep most of my nights out too."

He occasionally gets visits from the police, but they usually leave him alone once he's explained the situation.

"Cops have came tapping, but I explain what I'm doing and they leave me alone. Sometimes they tell me to relocate. Never a ticket."

If any of you are wondering what happens when the subject of "coming back to my place" pops up after the date, he says that there is room for two in his car.

"Yes. There is a enough space for two to sleep... However, I love to suggest enjoying the evening under the stars."

He uses the spare money to buy nice things, though it will still take another three years to pay for the car itself.

"With the money I save, I am able to afford nice things. Most of my money pays the car, which will be paid of in three years, start to finish."

The best part?

"The world is my home."

But mainly the car.