Man left horrified after he finds 'used condom' in jam from Co-op

A man was left disgusted and horrified when he found what appeared to be a used condom in a jar of jam that he had bought at Co-op.

Troy Hawkins, from Northamptonshire, found the object just under the lid of the jar, and it looks a lot like a condom.

In a post on Facebook to Co-ops food department, Troy uploads a picture of the 'condom' as well as claiming the supermarket tried to keep him quiet with £20 of vouchers.

Co-op did respond to the post, with an explanation as to what the object actually is:

But even that came to a bit of an embarrassment, as this is the edited reaction. Originally, Co-op got Troy's name wrong, calling him Tony:

But it seems one commenter didn't buy Co-op's 'foam layer folding' explanation. She felt that she wanted to act as 'bad cop' and expose the supermarket's cover-up.

What do you think it is? Folded foam layer or condom? Decide below:

What is in Troy's jam jar?

Folded layer of foam?

Used condom