Man hilariously trolls Facebook scammer, with Adele's help...

When a man was contacted by a Facebook scammer, rather than deleting them or blocking them entirely, he decided to engage them in conversation using only the lyrics to Adele's "Hello".

Sebastian Kirk was contacted on Facebook by a woman named "Sandra Jones" who claimed she'd fallen in love with him. The Danish man, being the wily type, realised that he hadn't hit the jackpot. This was actually a Facebook scammer looking for money.

What they weren't looking for was Adele lyrics, but that's what they got.

Sebastian started posting the lyrics to the song "Hello" to the scammer, who took a hell of a long time to figure out what was going on.

Here is the hilarious conversation between the two:

At first glance, it's hard to tell you're being sent an Adele song...

"Ok, the 'after all these years' comment is a little weird, but I think I might be able to scam this one"

At this point the scammer got a little confused, but pressed ahead.

And got to the crux of things...

"Hello again baby hello hello" - how you're supposed to reply to Adele's song.

At this point, Sandy still hadn't Googled the lyrics.

It was bizarre how well Adele lyrics and scammer tactics sync up. Is this the person she had in mind when she wrote the song??

Even if the scammer was a little confused...

And a little pissy...

At this point they may have figured things out. Which is a shame, because there were still a few verses to go.

And then Sandy, who looks pretty friendly in her profile pic, threatens "I WILL KILL YOUR F*CKING FAMILY YOU F*CKING F*CK" and "I WILL SMASH YOUR LIFE" for good measure.

If further Facebook scammers get in touch, Sebastian plans to use the following songs with "Hello" in them:

  • Alice Cooper: Hello, Hooray
  • Ataris: Hello & Goodbye
  • Beatles: Hello, Little Girl
  • Bon Jovi: You Had Me From Hello
  • Cheyenne Kimball: Hello Goodbye
  • David Gray: Say Hello Wave Goodbye
  • Deep Dish: Say Hello
  • Hoobastank: Hello Again
  • Interpol: Say Hello to the Angels
  • Intwine: Hello Again
  • Oasis: Hello
  • Paramore: Hello Hello
  • Phil Collins: We Said Hello Goodbye
  • Prince: Hello
  • Robbie Williams: Hello Sir
  • Theory Of A Deadman: Hello Lonely

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