Man goes to extreme lengths to convince family he is not their son

A man has gone to extreme lengths in order to prove to a skeptical family that he's not their son.

Nick Mullen started receiving emails from a family a while back from Francoise Mullen. Francoise was under the misapprehension that Nick was her son.

And my god does she take a lot of convincing that Nick isn't in fact her offspring.

Nick was sent an email recently from Francoise, asking him (and the whole family) what they wanted for Christmas dinner.

His response more than indicated he might not be their son, but she doesn't seem to get the message, and instead tries to arrange a time to meet.

Concerned people on Twitter asked him to tell them in plain English that he's not their son, just in case they didn't also phone their real son...

But to be honest over the years Nick really has tried extremely hard to convince them that he's not their son...

Nick isn't kidding about the family emailing him "for years". Here are some email chains between themselves back in 2015.

And still Francoise et al don't believe him. The emails continue to come to Nick, and Nick still keeps propositioning his "mother".

And somewhere out there is another guy called Nick who keeps wondering why his mother keeps sitting him down to talk about his vaping habit and inappropriate jokes.