Man gets into massive argument with @WetherspoonsUK over his Spoon's wifi use

A man who was experiencing problems with the WIFI at a Wetherspoons in Devonshire has gotten into a massive argument with @WetherspoonsUK about the kinds of sites he was trying to access.

Before long, an MP offered to intervene.

Read the full (hilarious) twitter thread below.

At this point it got a little heated. Anyone who doesn't like to see the word "shit" we advise you look away now.

At this point an MP jumped in...

And sh*t got real...

Probably sensing they should fess up now that an MP was involved, WetherpspoonsUK revealed to the guy, who still wasn't getting it, that they are a parody account, trolling him for fun.

Most people who realised this found it amusing.

Although not everyone realised that it was fake.

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