Man gets breast implants for £70,000 bet, keeps them 20 yrs

A man has lived with full breast implants for 20 years, after a friend bet him $100,000 (£70,000) that he wouldn't do it.

Gambling man Brian was sat in a restaurant with a friend almost 20 years ago, when the initial bet took place.

"About 1997-ish, I was in some restaurant in Europe and I was with two friends and his girlfriend at the time was flaunting her boobs and I said to my friend: ‘If I had boobs like hers I could get just as much attention as she would," he told E! online.

"Then he came up with $100k and I shook his hand and that was it, it was a bet."

The bet stipulated that he had to keep the implants for one whole year for $100,000. After earning that initial $100K, he now earns $10,000 a year for keeping the implants.

His friend, who continues to pay him to keep them, describes it as "the best $100,000 I ever lost."

Brian, working out on E!'s show botched, a programme about plastic surgery.

Gambling man

This isn't the first bet Brian has made. You don't just go from being Ned Flanders to making 20-year-long boob bets, after all.

Other bets Brian has won included living for an entire month locked in his friend's toilet, and spending a night under a bridge with his legs tied together for £7,000 ($10,000).

However this was his first bet that required a surgeon.

Brian, talking through his surgery.

Willing surgeon

You'd expect that it would be pretty difficult to find a surgeon willing to give you breast implants basically on a dare, right? Most ethical surgeons wouldn't even do it if it was a double donkey dare.

But according to Brian, it didn't take much convincing to get his surgeon friend to perform the surgery. He simply went to his offices and asked "can you put boobs in for me?".

Shortly after that, he was in a surgery gown choosing cup sizes.

Brian has earned almost $300,000 for the implants, at $100,000 for the initial year, and $10k per year for the subsequent 19 years he's kept them.

The surgeon knew that Brian was doing the surgery for a bet but still felt ok doing the (potentially dangerous - all medical procedures are) surgery. Brian even managed to pay for the surgery by beating the surgeon at backgammon, winning £3,000 ($5,000) in an hour-long game.

The surgeon and Brian didn't expect Brian to stick with the implants for 20 years, but Brian will shortly hit that milestone.

Brian will star on American channel E!'s Botched tonight at 9pm, despite the fact that the surgery wasn't botched at all and the surgery earns now earns him $10,000 a year for every year he keeps them; possibly making his breast implants the least-botched surgery of all time.

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