Man finds relationship contract created by 12 year olds

A man has found and shared a relationship contract penned and signed by twelve year olds.

Remember being twelve, liking a person and going up to that person and saying will you go out with me, then occasionally holding hands until one of you says "we're broken up now" for no reason whatsoever?

It's not like that any more.

Terms and conditions

Max Linksy found a relationship contract made by 8th year students, which had been left on the floor after a class ended.

The contract features such terms and conditions as "you can't break my heart because if you break my heart I will break your face" and "you have to buy me food".

All important aspects of a healthy relationship.

Max shared the contract on Twitter, leaving off the signature he assures the world was there.

Bad news for the "hoes"

In terrible news for "these hoes" the contract stipulates that "you an't hug these hoes" and they're going to have to settle for blind fist bumps - the only contact with "hoes" that the contract allows.

The full contract reads:

  • You cannot talk to hoes
  • You have to talk to me all the time
  • You have to give me lots of hugs
  • You have to buy me lots of food
  • You can't break my heart because if you break my heart I will break your face.
  • You can't break up with me I break up with you, if we have problems we will resolve them.
  • You can't hug these hoes
  • You can fist bump these hoes that's it.
  • You can't be looking at these hoes.

This is then followed by a "sign here" box and a signature.

The contract does not stipulate what will happen if the contract is breached if, for instance, the kids doesn't provide enough hugs.

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