Man finds Quaver in pack of Wotsits - considers suing

A man who found a Quaver in his pack of Wotsits has spoken about the traumatic experience, saying he's finally worked up the courage to sue.

Lindsey Simpson bought a packet of Wotsits back in May 2014, fully expecting to find delicious cheesy Wotsits inside. Instead he was confronted by the worst of all possibilities - a lonely, cheesy Quaver.

Now, after being encouraged by Saifa Ahmad's story - a student who has threatened Nestlé with legal action after finding a Kit Kat with no wafer inside - Lindsey says he's finally ready to sue Walkers.

"I wake up screaming"

Lindsey described his horrifying ordeal, telling Student Money Saver he couldn't stop thinking about that lonesome Quaver, cast adrift in a packet of Wotsits.

"I once bought a packet of Wotsits and found a Quaver amongst them. I couldn't sleep for months following the ordeal. The nightmares that ensued were horrific. That lonesome Quaver, wandering aimlessly, searching for its lost brothers and never succeeding. To this day I can't eat Wotsits."

He found the quaver back in May 2014, but says he still wakes up screaming.

"I wake up regularly (average 3-4 days a week but sometimes worse). The frequency of screaming has lessened recently but at its worst I would wake up yelling out to the lone Quaver. My partner had to sleep with ear plugs for months because of this."

Lindsey, 24, pictured here inside a hippo. He is a former primary school teacher.

I now have the confidence to sue

Lindsey used to get through several multipacks of Wotsits a week, but now finds himself screaming when he even sees the logo.

"I used to get through around 2-3 multipacks per week, I can now no longer face them. even seeing the Wotsits logo in shop's causes horrific flashbacks. I often find myself screaming in the aisles of Tesco whilst passing shoppers look on in horror."

But now, almost two years after the experience he says he finally has the confidence to sue, taking the idea from the student who is threatening to sue Nestlé, unless she gets a lifetime supply of Kit Kats.

Lindsey describes his decision to sue on Facebook, where he goes by the pseudonym "Michael" to prevent his primary school pupils from finding him.

Protect the children

Lindsey tries hard to stop other people going through the horror he went through.

"I bought the crisps back in May 2014. I'm 24 and I now work as a Business Manager for a school service provider. As part of this we sometimes provide crisps as part of our school activities. We never buy Wotsits for the fear that the children will go through something similar. I feel it's my duty to shield Britain's youth from Wotsits."

"To others going through similar traumas I suggest maybe we form a cohesive support group. We could meet on a monthly basis to help each other through these hard times."

Free to meet on a monthly basis. Lindsey relaxes at home with a ye-olde-timey pipe.

Put it all behind him

Lindsey hopes to put the whole ordeal behind him with a nice cathartic lawsuit. We fully expect Lindsay will at least get a lifetime supply of Quavers out of this from Walkers, which he'll keep a long distance away from any Wotsits with a strongly worded letter.

Michael has not yet decided what his demands would be, if he did decide to sue. A lifetime supply of Wotsits would only make the night terrors worse.

Wotsits will not respond to our dozens of emails.