Man finds match on Tinder, panics, sends panda facts for 100 days

A man who matched with a girl on Tinder has sent her one panda fact a day for 100 days, after panicking over a spelling mistake.

The man messaged Chrissy using Tinder on Christmas day, accidentally misspelling the word "Christmas" as "Christmad". Understandably, he panicked and sent her a panda fact:

After sending the initial panda fact, he thought it would be weird to stop there so sent her a panda fact a day for the next one hundred days to cover up for the initial mistake.

After the first few he felt like he had to keep it up.

"I was invested. I kept going. everyday. EVERY. GOD. DAMNED. DAY. I thought of stopping. I thought of quitting. At one point it was straining to keep going. I had to set an alarm so I wouldn't forget.

"But it was her constant replies that motivated me to keep going. I couldn't let her down. Thinking to myself, "What would she think if I just stopped?" Would she worry? I couldn't let her do that."

Then I thought to myself, "Maybe this is the highlight of her day. That at some point she will look at her phone and get a new panda fact..."

"She even started to send me pandas of her own. Not going to lie. I felt like she was trying to take over. Bitch...I send the pandas. Not you. This is my deal."

"But I couldn't stay mad at her. I was still having fun with this. And so were all of my friends. We would go and get a good laugh at the bar. My buddies say that I have to meet her now. But I like to live in the shadows, knowing that I have a job to do every day, someone who looked forward to my message. Because I'm not a hero. I'm a silent guardian."

Over the 100 days he sent 100 panda facts, despite the fact there are maybe two interesting facts about pandas (they look like teddy bears and they eat bamboo).

After sending panda facts for a nice round number of 100 days, the man, known only as msang12321 decided he finally had an opportunity to stop the whole thing, which had somewhat spiralled out of control.

He is now working on some pretty interesting facts about dolphins, just in case he gets another match.