Man finds his childhood diaries dedicated to Spongebob, and they're f*cked up

A man has discovered his "Spongebob Diaries" which he wrote as a nine-year-old.

Jack Rowe rediscovered his diary, in which he documents his obsession with Spongebob and writes open letters to Mr Squarepants.

In one letter he writes:

"I wish I was yellow like you and have holes in my body just like you, I may seem like a copycat but I am not. Maybe I can paint my face yellow and drill holes in my face! :| "

This may well just be Mr Squarepant's number one fan, and his diary will one day be known just as well as Bridget Jones or Samuel Pepys.

Jack tweeted his diary under the caption: "OKAY WHAT IS THIS???? I WAS SO MENTALLY UNSTABLE WHO HAS A SPONGEBOB DIARY WTF"

The front cover is of course a picture of himself and Spongebob chilling out together, even though one of them is above ground and needs to be submerged in seawater in order to survive.

On the 15th of November, Jack decided to declare his love for Spongebob. He also claims that "Alan" and "Fiona" are also Spongebob's number one fans, but we'll bet a lot of money that they didn't keep a diary documenting their love.

"Me and Alan are your biggest fans and Fiona we all love SpongeBob. Well I really love SpongeBob more than Fiona and Alan really I love SPONGEBOB."

Then it got weird and he said he wanted to be jaundiced and drill holes in his face to be just like Mr Squarepants.

On the 17th he took issue with the way Squidward was treating Spongebob.

"Is there a reason Squid is never happy? Because I would like to see him nice to you and Pat but I think that will never happen in life of him. We all love SpongeBob."

Mr Squarepants has been unavailable for comment. We know he lives in a pineapple under the sea, but the song fails to list a postcode.

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