Man finds dead rat in Coca Cola bottle, but all is not what it seems...

A man's Facebook live video went viral after he found a dead rat inside a bottle of Coke Light.

Erick Dixon, from Mexico, said that he saw a strange looking object floating in his bottle so thought he would record himself opening it up and has since shared his discovery with over six million people!

In the 3 and half minute video, he explains the situation, saying (in Spanish): "It is a new Coke, just bought in Oxxo, it does not matter where it was bought, but it was new, totally new, and there is a kind of little mouse.

"This is the mouse that invaded my Coke. If you drink Coke, please check it before drinking it." He then shows the sealed bottle with a foreign body floating around the top, opens it up and proceeds to empty the contents into the sink, exposing the dead rat.

While the video has gone viral, many people have questioned its validity because of the presence of another empty Coca-Cola bottle in the background.

Some comments have been less than friendly:

Netizen ‘Marla C Valles’ said: "We almost believe you, man," while ‘Jacob Espinosa’ said: "When he opened the bottle, there was no gas from inside."

Real or fake? Let us know in the comments.

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