Man finds a whole potato in packet of crisps

Whole potato in crisp packet

Looks like Aldi is refusing to make cuts - in potatoes! BOOM!

There's something quite special about finding something unexpected in your favourite snack food. Ever been lucky enough to bite into a Kit-Kat to find there’s no wafer inside - just solid chocolate? What about finding four Hula Hoops attached to each other, instead of those boring individual hoops? Maybe you've spotted the face of Jesus in your grilled cheese sandwich?

Well… good for you - but you’re going to get jealous because the extra lucky Richard Bootman, 25, opened his packet of steak and onion crisps from Aldi to find no crisps at all, but one big, manky looking potato. Yep, a whole potato. Jackpot!

He said, “I opened the packet of crisps and noticed there wasn’t the usual crunchy sound you get. I tipped the packet upside-down and this oily potato just fell out onto my desk.”

Luckily, he saw the funny side (to be fair, it is a bit hilarious) and is getting a full refund from Aldi - which is probably about 6p.

Honestly, we think the most outrageous bit about this story is the flavour choice - steak and onion? Come on Richard...