Man drops iPhone out of plane, finds it, poses with donkey

It's finally raining iPhones

A man from Texas managed to find an iPhone he had dropped out of a plane, using the "find my phone" app.

The iPhone 4 fell a full 2,835 metres (9,300ft), plummeting to earth at around 27mph, and didn't break.

By contrast, this is what iPhones usually look like when they've been dropped from your pocket to the floor.

Texan businessman Ben Wilson and his pilot were flying over Houston when the pressure in their aircraft changed, causing the door to fly open and (presumably) soiled trousers. Mr Wilson noticed his newspaper fly out, though failed to notice he had lost his iPhone 4 until after he landed, meaning they had no idea where to look along their flight path.

“The pressure popped and a newspaper flew out but I didn’t see the phone go,” he said. “After we got back I looked for it on the floor and in my briefcase but couldn’t find it.”

Rather than ringing it and telling everyone to shush so they could hear it, Wilson and an employee used the Find My iPhone app to find the phone, over 50 miles away in Jacksboro, using the GPS tracker in every iPhone, and set out to find it.

Instead of buying a new phone, which is surely cheaper than getting an employee to help you search 80 miles of farmland for a probably long-destroyed two generation old iPhone, the pair managed to track down the phone and were amazed to see it still worked.

And here he is, posing with his phone and a donkey:

How can you protect your iPhone?

Drop it in Texas? Strap some Texan soil to your phone before you drop it? Only drop it whilst at skydiving height? Was the donkey involved? We don't know - this makes no sense.