Genius doesn't want to pay for EasyJet baggage - wears all his clothes on flight

A genius man who didn't want to pay EasyJet baggage fees has worn all his clothes on a flight.

Most people hate how airlines lure you in to buying tickets at extremely low prices, only to then reveal youhave to pay a massive baggage surcharge if you plan on taking any warm weather gear to the Antarctic.

One customer, Matt Botten, decided he wasn't the kind of guy who got suckered in by these kinds of fees. He was the kind of man who risks heat exhaustion and/or death by wearing his entire wardrobe onto the plane.

£45 surcharge

Matt, 32, was at Gatwick airport on his way to Reykjavik, Iceland, when he saw that EasyJet charge a £45 surcharge if he wanted to take any luggage with him. Without hesitation he emptied out his bag and put on all his clothes.

"I'd tie my laces but I don't bend anymore." | Picture via Comedy Central / Matt Botten Facebook.

£45 in the bank

Matt seemed pretty pleased with his money saving hack, writing on Facebook:

"We’re going to Iceland baby!"

"And how to do it in a financially frugal manner, without having to stump up forty five bloody quid for a hold bag? Simply by wearing EVERYTHING I OWN."

This, of course, was before he ended up wearing all his winter gear on a three-hour flight.

Extra security checks

Matt was unsurprised to be stopped for extra checks at security, considering he looked like he was probably hiding something, even if that something was merely a holiday's-worth of underpants.

But after being asked a few extra questions at security (we're guessing "what the hell are you wearing all your clothes for?") he was allowed to go through.

His girlfriend, Abigail White, did not wear her entire wardrobe. She paid for baggage.

Heat exhaustion

Before you decide to follow in this genius's footsteps, consider this tale of warning:

Last year James McElvar from boyband "Rewind" tried the same stunt on a flight from London to Glasgow. He collapsed with heat exhaustion and thought he was having a heart attack after his body temperature went through the roof.

This is one hack that's not for everyone.

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