Man contacts the police about woman's disgusting toast invention

There's been some pretty gross food combinations that we've seen over the years - pineapple on pizza being one of them. Never before, though, have we seen one that the cops were contacted over.

That's exactly what Jack Young did when he saw Twitter user Houda's creation, tagging Police Scotland and asking them if they'd been made aware of her culinary crimes.

The offending snack looks to be made up of chocolate spread and cheese, then put under the grill. Houda calls it an "amazing choc and cheese invention" but Twitter isn't so sure. Users tweeted:

This is almost as bad as when Philadelphia introduced their divisive chocolate flavour, splitting the country's opinions worse than Marmite ever could. Surprisingly, some people were fans of the the toasty treat.

So, the jury's out. The police haven't responded just yet, as they might have a few other things on. But I'm sure this is being treated as a matter of urgency.