Man complains that he's lost 2G signal, gets brilliant reply.

A man stuck in the early 2000s somehow heard that his 2G service was about to be taken away. It's unclear how he discovered this, given he clearly doesn't have access to any real form of internet.

Firing up his Nokia 3315 (which is still his main phone) he contacted his mobile provider to complain. Whilst he was there he also decided to brag about his achievements on snake.

You probably won't be surprised to learn he lives in the Australian outback.

His provider decided to respond by giving everyone a lesson in classy customer service, complimenting him on his excellent choice of phone and outstanding achievements in the field of Snake 2.

His post has since gone viral, appearing all over the internet. People who are on 3G or higher have been able to read it and have enjoyed the response.

As will Oly, when it loads.