Man changes his name to "Raven Felix Null" to get free stuff

A man has changed his name to "Raven Felix Null" in order to make IT systems give him free stuff. He claims to have gotten several free holidays using this loophole.

The 24 year old changed his name to "Raven Felix Null" when he realised that IT systems would fail when they put the word "null" into the surname box, as the computer recognises the word to mean "absence of data" and will refuse to validate it. As a result, he often isn't billed for the bookings he's made, or the holidays he's taken.

By using this name for bookings, Mr Null claims he has been able to get several free holidays, nights in hotels and car rentals.

"I usually just threaten to sue them for discrimination"

The blogger, and computer hacker extraordinaire, finds that when he books using the name the staff member serving him will usually get an error message they don't know how to deal with.

Raven Felix Null (who really should have crammed the name Batman in there somewhere if he wants to win our respect) says that staff will usually then say they'll "input his name later" but often don't, leading to free goods and services.

And if they do manage to put his surname in later, the automated systems that bill him often won't do so due to the loophole.

When someone challenges him on his unusual surname, of course, he threatens to sue:

"I usually just accuse them of oppressing me and threaten to sue them for discriminating against me due to my name," he told Reddit.

"The manager at the time just gives me whatever it is I want and 'will add it later'. People are so scared of a PR nightmare these days…"

"That's Raven Felix Null. Yes, that's right, Raven like the bird, Felix like a cat, then Null like the word that'll destroy your IT system. N.U.L.L. Say another word about my ridiculous name and I'll sue your whole goddamn organisation."

"Yes I know I'm an asshole"

Raven Felix Null acknowledges his behaviour is somewhat unorthodox, but says that he's got full respect for people who realise he's doing a scam.

"Yes, I know I’m an asshole," he said

"However, if someone still said they couldn’t do it after threatening to be sued I’d probably congratulate them and tell them how many people I have ripped off by doing that and wish them a good day. I might even offer to buy them a beer later."

"I would never actually sue for something like that. I understand why it is a problem but still, it needs to be fixed."

Here's hoping Raven Felix Null's name works on prison records.