Man catches friend's boyfriend cheating, uses the info to get a free pizza

After catching his friend's boyfriend cheating on his friend, a man used the opportunity to extort some free pizza.

If you catch somebody cheating on one of your friends, what do you do? Option one: You tell your friend immediately. Option two: You tell the cheater you caught them, and make them tell your friend.

Or you could do what this guy did, and blackmail some pizza out of the cheat, and then tell your friend anyway.

This is what happens when you cheat on my friends

Eli caught his friend Sammy's boyfriend cheating on her with mutual friend Rachel. Being a good friend to Sammy, he texted cheater, Kyle, to confirm.

"Does your girlfriend Samantha know? *Cheeky moon face*"

Now that the cheater had confirmed he was at Rachel's the other night, Eli decided he was hungry. Instead of immediately telling Samantha, he gave Kyle a get-out option...

Kyle bowed to the blackmail, and sent around a pizza.

Unfortunately, Kyle hadn't looked at the particular wording of the blackmail.

Eli had promised that he would tell Sammy if he received pizza. Having received pizza, he now had to tell Sammy. True to his word, he did.

He texted Sammy *Smile-Monkey* their conversation, followed by "you're boyfriend is cheating on you lol" for good measure.

All the while eating his blackmail pizza.

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