Man buys shoes only to find disturbingly offensive problem with them

A man has bought a pair of slippers off of Amazon only to find a slightly disturbing problem with them.

81 year old Sam Purdie bought a £15 pair of slippers from a brand named LR&R on Amazon, only to find what he believed to be swastikas all over the sole.

Credit Centre Press

Sam attempted to contact the company, and left a review that warned customers of the design mishap. However, the company censored his review as offensive, so his sounding of the alarm won't be seen my future customers.

Credit Centre Press

Speaking to The Metro Sam said:

‘I wrote that I was not happy with my swastika-embroidered slippers and that I certainly won’t be wearing them.'

However, Sam's review was marked as abusive.

The company did end up replying to Sam, saying that this was the first time the problem had been brought to their attention. The sole is a widely available design made by Chinese outlets, and therefore not manufactured by the company themselves.

Sadly Sam's complaints probably won't engender any action... he'll just have to get a new pair of less fascist slippers.