Man attends sister's graduation, almost graduates by accident

A man who attended his sister's graduation ceremony ended up joining the wrong queue.

Thinking he had joined the queue for the toilet, he ended up being forced to sit through the whole ceremony sat awkwardly between hundreds of graduates, trying not to be noticed.

During the ceremony, he awkwardly snapchatted his friend to pass the time, hilariously documenting the whole mistake.

First, he failed to join the queue for the toilet.

Committed to the queue, he found a seat.

In too deep. Send help.

Now sat down, surrounded by graduands, he resigned himself to his fate and prepared to graduate from a university he didn't attend.

Whilst looking longingly at the spectator section.

And panicked as his time to graduate came closer.

Still busting for the toilet, presumably, he stood up and joined his fellow students.

At this point, he actually crossed the stage, leaving the other side with the graduates and looking like he rushed the stage.

The man / graduate from the US now has plans to follow this up with a master's degree, assuming his sister invites him along to the ceremony and he hasn't gone to the toilet ahead of time.

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