Man attempts to impress date by eating Nando's hot sauce. Fails. Cries.

A man has attempted to impress his date by taking her to Nando's and pretending to eat extra hot sauce. His attempt to woo her, however, failed when Nando's actually served him hot sauce, instead of a mild sauce with an "extra hot sauce" flag on top.

25 year old Jonny Smith, from West Yorkshire, believed to be a spice wuss, decided to try and impress his date by taking her for a "cheeky Nando's" and doing the classic Nando's hot sauce trick.

"Look at my eyes, Nando. Look what you've done to me."

For those uninitiated in the hot sauce trick, Nando's will serve you a mild sauce but put a "hot sauce" flag in your bun if you ask them to, so that you can impress whoever you're with. Providing they're the kind of person who is impressed by you eating an insane amount of spice, you can woo a lot of people using this method, without burning the crap out of your mouth.

Unfortunately for little Jonny, however, Nando's had themselves a little mix up and he was served an extra hot sauce meal with an extra hot sauce flag.

Single for a year

Jonny had been single for a year, as he explained in his Facebook post to Nando's, and so he reeeally needed to impress his 22 year old date.

Which made what was to come all the more humiliating for him. Without knowing he had been served an extra hot sauce, he began to eat his chicken. After this, the date took a wrong turn and he told Nando's about the situation on Facebook.

Little Jonny's post

"Look at what you've done to me" he wrote. "You have no ears" another Facebook user noted.

Nando's call him a spice wuss

Still crying some hours later, he sat down at his computer and bashed out the complaint to Nandos. But Nando's were less than sympathetic in their reply, essentially telling him he should stop being such a spice wuss and work on his tolerance.

Nando's reply

"We've got our wings crossed for that second date..." Nando's replied.

People online less than sympathetic

Nando's reply was sympathetic to little Jonny, but other commenters were less kind.

Little Jonny is believed not to have secured a second date with the lady, and may still be at home crying, drinking milk and wishing he was less of a spice wuss.