Man attempts to bang supermarket in order to get voucher

A man has attempted to bang a supermarket in a blatant attempt to get a discount.

Craig Hazell tweeted his annoyance that Sainsbury's have gone from being an excellent brand, to just "that supermarket that's a bit sh*t at contactless payments".

When Sainsbury's replied, saying that they hoped to go contactless in early 2017, Craig got flirty with the Supermarket giants and then denied being flirty.

Before long, it was clear that Craig was willing to bang Sainsbury's in order to get a voucher....

After calling Sainsbury's counter hot, but "not in a flirty way", Craig upped his game. He offered them their own chicken wings, as date food.

Then he came in hard with the chat-up lines.

At this point it became clear that he was mainly trying to bang the Amanda section of Sainsbury's, even though Daryl seemed more responsive to the flirtathon.

Martin, also interested, decided to get in touch as well.

Craig's poem went down well. Though Amanda no longer seemed keen on contacting Craig, Sainsbury's on the whole seemed up for it.

Amanda specifically was not.

Though Andy (on Sainsbury's behalf) was keen, Craig rejected Sainsbury's. It turns out, the only reason he'd been flirting with Sainsbury's in the first place was because he thought he might get some vouchers out of it.

Nice try, Craig. But if you really wanted that voucher you would have given up the goods.