Man accuses Sainbury's of poisoning his dog

A furious dog owner has accused Sainsbury's of accidentally poisoning his dog.

Dog owner Dan Dugdale was left red-faced this week as his dog ate poisonous chocolate Sainsbury's had sent to his address as part of a promotion.

Sainsbury's sent an assorted box of Green & Black's chocolate as a promotional gift to a number of it's customers.

However, many have since voiced their anger as their pets required urgent emergency treatment after eating it. Chocolate is poisonous to most dogs, and therefore eating it can actually be fatal.

Dan came home to find his dog Susie in a bad way as the chocolate had given her diarrhoea, meaning he had to rush her to the vets.

Speaking to Sky News, Dan said of the incident:

"Sainsbury's have a duty of care if they post something through the postbox - it wasn't even addressed to us, it was supposed to be for the person who used to live here."

Dan was not the only one displeased with the irresposible promotion:

Other owners have since reported of vet bills into the £400s, highlighting the poorly thought through nature of the gift.

A Sainsbury's spokesperson released the following statement:

"We're extremely sorry for the distress this has caused. We know chocolate is unsafe for pets to eat and that's why we had measures in place to safeguard against pet owners receiving this promotion. We are urgently investigating what went wrong."

Maybe you can have too much of a good thing, huh.