Major coffee chains' shock ingredient will put you off your coffee forever

Making the phrase 'this coffee is shit' quite literally true, BBC Watchdog found that Starbucks, Costa and Cafe Nero contained varying degrees of a slightly problematic bacteria...

The three chains have come under serious fire this week as 'faecal bacteria' has been found in the ice and on some of the tables at all three chains.

An expert from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, Tony Lewis, said that the bacteria was 'concerning' and 'should not be present at any level.' I mean... no kidding 🤔

Don't go for the Crappuccino

Costa has said it will look into the issue and update it's hygiene guidelines whilst Starbucks have launched a full investigation into the matter.

...I wonder what they mean by 'double chocolate'

Hmm... that luke-warm office filter coffee has never seemed so appealing.