Luxury London home up for rent except there's one thing very, very wrong with it

Finding a nice, affordable and locationally ideal house in London is nigh-on impossible. You have to sacrifice at least 2 of the 3, leaving you with a small hovel that costs more than your parents' mortgage in rent a month.

So when a landlord markets a 'luxury' house for around £8,000 a week, there's got to be a catch, right? 'Luxury' never really means luxury, it usually means 'habitable' or 'unique.' And boy, is this house unique. 'Why?' I hear you ask. Well, take a look for yourself:

Credit SWNS

Credit SWNS

Yep, quirky because it's covered in murals of infamous WORLD DICTATORS. Want to watch TV? Mao and Lenin are there to keep you company. Fancy a shower? Saddam Hussein will join you:

Credit SWNS

There's also a life-sized waxwork of Pope John Paul II under the stairs, because God is always watching:

Credit SWNS

The property is situated in the notoriously wealthy Knightsbridge, belonging to film director Roland Emmerich of Godzilla and Independence Day fame.

Daniel Bickerdike, the letting agent at Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward said the following about the property's unique and somewhat compelling features

“The opportunity to live in such a unique home doesn’t come around very often. From the murals and ornaments inspired by figures from world history to Pope Jean Paul II sitting in the under-stairs cupboard, residents will be equally challenged, fascinated and entertained by the décor throughout this property.”

Yes... quite.

Prospective renters can get their hands on this property for a bargain of £34,667 a month... a price the stars of the murals would ironically not be too pleased with.