Love Netflix & Instagram? This is the best job ever

Netflix jobs

Watching Netflix and scrolling through your Instagram feed is every student's dream Friday night (or Monday morning when you're supposed to be in a lecture), but imagine getting PAID £2,826 to do it for two weeks?

Well, it doesn't work exactly like that, but Netflix are looking to hire three people to run its Instagram account for two weeks while they travel around Europe and the Middle East visiting and photographing the sets of Netflix Originals TV show and movies.

You'll get the job title of Grammaster (pretty cool, right?) and you'll be paid $2,000 a week for two weeks, with all travel costs included.

You won't be holed up in Orange is the New Black's Litchfield Penitentiary, but you'll be visiting the sets and interviewing the cast members of Sense8 (which you can find on Netflix right now) and new shows Marseille, The Crown and Subbara.

To enter you'll need to create an Instagram account and follow @Netflix, then tag the three pictures you've taken that you're most proud of with #grammasters3 before Sun 6 Mar. It's that easy.

The odds aren't really in your favour but if you can believe, you can achieve.

Find out all the information and terms and conditions here.