Louise Mensch saw this tweet and decided to call the guy a scumbag

A man on a hospital ward with his son awaiting an operation heard that Jeremy Hunt had been sacked. According to him, a cheer erupted on the ward.

So he tweeted that.

He didn't copy in former MP Louise Mensch. He didn't mention her at all. Why would he?

He just reported that the ward had heard that Jeremy Hunt the Health secretary had been sacked and that a few people had cheered.

People said things along the line of "that was funny! I hope your son is ok!"

But not Louise Mensch. When it then emerged that Hunt (frequently referred by the news to on the news as Jeremy C*nt) hadn't actually been sacked

Louise Mensch decided to call the man, waiting in hospital with his son, a scumbag.

And a loathsome tit.

Whilst he waited in hospital with his son. Needless to say, people thought this was a little bit overboard. Even if he is a Green Party member, he didn't deserve to be called a scumbag...

And whilst Jonathan Bartley updated anyone worried about his son...

Louise defended her choice to call the man a bag of scum...

Real classy.