Loughborough SU causes outrage with slave themed freshers event

A halls of residence at Loughborough University has been widely criticised for planning to hold a 'slave night' freshers event.

Faraday Halls at Loughborough University have been forced to permanently rename one of its freshers events after a planned 'slave night' caused widespread offence.

Twitter user and Loughborough student @ManLikeAyo began a thread under the title '#DearLSU', which brought the event to public's attention.

He tweeted a photo of Faraday Halls' freshers timetable, which included an event titled 'slave night':

There also seems to be a Cowboys and Indians event, which is bound to encourage culturally appropriation, as well..

Historically 'slave nights' are charity auctions which allow students to bid for fellow students or staff to be their 'slaves', helping them with chores and other jobs.

However, due to the oppressive and historically exploitative connotations of 'slave auction', the title is hardly still appropriate in the present day.

@ManLikeAyo continued his thread, explaining that he contacted the Ethnic Minorities Welfare Officer, who reached out to the event organiser, who then agreed to change the name of the event to 'fresher helper auction'

Whilst the name of the event was changed, the Executive Officer felt it unnecessary to demand a pubic apology from the event's organiser for the offence caused:

Rather, the Executive Officer suggested an educational route, whereby Hall officers would have to undergo some form of diversity training.

However, once @ManLikeAyo threatened to 'expose' their unwillingness to cooperate, they agreed to apologise:

Faraday Hall then released the following apology:

However, the initial unwillingness to apologise has left a sour taste in the mouths of most students, who are both hurt and frustrated that it took the threat of public exposure to receive an apology.