London Dungeons Valentine's day campaign sparks huge backlash

London Dungeons, the place that smells like feet the whole way through and teaches you about the gruesome history of the capital. They have caused a huge wave of criticism after their Valentine's day campaign pissed A LOT of people off.

With the source material being about the darker side of history, such as torture techniques and ways people were executed back in medieval times, as well as subjects like Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd and the great fire of London, you would expect them to have a slightly darker twist to things. But nothing can prepare you for this:

They get worse...


Who is in charge of their social media and campaigns, because this is just taking it way too far.

Understandably, there was a fair wave of backlash:

The tweets have since been deleted and the dungeons have released an apology:

“We apologise that our social posts caused offence.
“Our ‘Dark Valentine’ campaign was a range of posts aimed to highlight the darker side of history and create debate and conversation.
“As a brand we strive to entertain our guests so they can enjoy the London Dungeon experience – both in our attraction and on social media.
“However on this occasion we recognise that some of the topics many felt were inappropriate and therefore we apologise for any offence cause.”

Harmless banter or disgusting and offensive?