Local newspaper publishes 'sexist' headline... pisses a lot of people off

A local newspaper in London has caused uproar after publishing a story with a sexist headline.

The Sutton Guardian, in south-west London, published an article about the number of office workers who have been involved in affairs with colleagues.

But the wording, which has now been changed, had very disturbing and sexist undertones according to a lot of people.

For those who may not understand where the sexism lies, the phrase 'dipping their wick' is where the anger is aimed.

According to dictionary.com, to 'dip one's wick' means 'to insert one's penis,' so that gives this headline a very misogynistic slant. And therefore, referred to women in the office as 'office goods'.

People took to twitter to slam the headline, pointing out that in 2017, this sort of thing is unacceptable.

The article was written by Grainne Cuffe, a woman, so this could be a genuine mistake and she was unaware of the meaning behind the phrase. But, it should have been checked and picked up by editors and other colleagues.

The headline was soon changed, but the URL to the page remained: