Lifestyle tips that will make you some quick and easy cash

Everyone could do with a little bit of extra cash, right? A few more notes in the wallet, a few more coins in the pocket. But who has the time to go out and do things out of their normal day routine?

Well, with these tips, you don't even have to make a lot of effort to earn a few extra quid; you should be able to just take five minutes out of your day and it could end up making you a decent amount.

Here are six lifestyle tips that could make you some quick and easy cash:

Get into the habit of selling items you don't use

Everyone has things in their house that they either don't want, don't use or don't have space for. If you do, don't be a hoarder and get rid of them, they might be worth a little bit of money.

sell items for money

Little trinkets, or old CDs, or old bits of equipment will always pick up something. So gather anything you don't use or don't want, find out where your nearest car boot sale is and head down there early in the morning. It can be a fun day out and you might come back with a little extra cash.

A good site to look for car boot sales is, so head over there and see where your nearest sale is.

Alternatively, you can go through eBay and sell them online, which will be the more likely option as you can do it from the comfort of your own bed. We have already brought you a guide at how to be amazing at selling on the site , so go ahead and make money!

Use your free time to do surveys

Ever just sit at home and do nothing for hours on end? Watching Netflix or Amazon Prime or whichever streaming service you prefer. Ever spent a whole day in bed with your laptop resting? Why not use that laptop to earn a few quid here and there?

surveys for money

Surveys are a great way of earning a few extra quid without needing to move! They, although do not pay much for each one you complete, do allow you time to earn a little extra.

How they work is that once you have completed a survey, you have earned a certain amount of points depending on the size of the survey and what kind of answers are required, i.e a question which needs a typed out answer is worth more than a multiple choice question.

A popular choice of site to use is Swagbucks. Here you earn money for each survey (40p), but you also earn rewards for watching videos and playing games.

Apparently, it takes around 10 minutes to complete each survey, so you can earn up to around £2.40 per hour. But hey, it's better time spent than watching that Big Bang Theory episode for the tenth time!

Earn money by advertising your car journeys on ridesharing sites

Not going out tonight? Got a car? Why not advertise your car to earn a little money by giving lifts. Plenty of friends do and it seems to be successful. Friends seem to like a familiar face when coming out of the club at 3 am, off their face and desperate for their bed.

But another way to get some money from your car is to advertise your everyday car journeys on car sharing, carpool apps. Apps such as Liftshare and BlablaCar allow people to cut down their travel expenses by sharing car rides with others, why can't that person be you? You cut your travel expenses down and also get the opportunity to meet new people.

Complete mystery shopping tasks when you're out and about

if you have ever worked in retail, particularly for clothing-based stores, then you would have had experience of mystery shoppers. The people that come in and evaluate how good the store's service is. Well, why not do this yourself? You earn some money for each assignment you complete, you are more than likely to get good service especially if they suspect you are a mystery shopper.

mystery shopping for money

A good site to sign up for is 'Market Force'. It is free to sign up and you get paid to shop for free at some of the biggest brands in the country.

Here we showed you how to become a mystery shopper.

So go out there and earn money while you shop!

Recycle old gadgets on sites like Envirofone

The thing with technology is that after a few months, a new model comes out. So when the time comes for you to get the new, upgraded model, you have a spare gadget just lying around at home.

One thing you can do is sell it on. Companies such as Computer Exchange, Game and online sites such as Funky Pidgeon and Envirofone will give you a price for your unwanted gadgets and gizmos.

recycle gadgets for money

Simply go on to their website, enter the details of the item, then proceed to checkout. They send you the package to send the item, and you just put it in and send the package back.

Share butter and ketchup etc with your housemates

share food to saveThis is more to save money than making money, but sharing popular and common foods and amenities in your house, flat or halls is a good way to teach yourself how to cope without them.

If you all put in for milk, butter, bread and other things like that, then costs should decrease and everyone gets on.

Obviously, this is something you and your housemates need to organise between you, but as long as you can come to an agreement and stick to it, there is no reason it can work out for your benefit.

And there you go, hope this helps. Now, go out and earn some money while carrying out your daily activities!