Lidl have been telling big-breasted women to buy bras that barely cover their nipples

Loads of women in Britain are apparently wearing the wrong size bra, which can lead to back pain and the dreaded four-boob-syndrome.
While you might think this is because they can't be bothered to get fitted, one Lidl customer has revealed it could be down to faulty size calculators.

Megan Chapman was using Lidl's online calculator, where you put your measurements into a tool and it shows your bra size. Unfortunately it didn't go to plan.

And it wasn't just Megan that got completely the wrong size.

A lot of A cups in the mix there. It definitely looks like there might be a bit too many in stock and they're trying to get rid.

Lidl have yet to comment, but just a head's up, it's probably not ideal to head there if you need a fitting.