Lecturer takes SIX MONTHS to reply to student asking for dissertation help

The third year of Uni is stressful enough, without other people getting in the way and stopping you from doing your work.

But this Geography grad was scuppered by his lecturer's inability reply to emails.

Joe Butcher, who studied at Leeds University, sent his lecturer (who remains unnamed) an email asking for help with his dissertation. But his lecturer took an amazing six months to reply, after he had graduated with a 2:1.

Here is the message:

Notice it says 24th February in the details? Well here is his lecturer's long-awaited response, sent a full six months after he graduated:

Ok, this one does not have an address on it. But we believe Joe because he had already graduated.

Speaking to The Tab, Joe had this to say about his lecture:

“I was rinsing some n00b on FIFA when the email came through. My surprise at the email caused me to concede, something I’ll never be able to forgive my tutor for.

“He always was a bit of an eccentric character who may not have fully grasped how emailing works. Maybe he got me mixed up with another Joe?

“Sadly I doubt we’ll ever get a satisfactory answer to put all this wild speculation to bed.

"I liked him as a tutor on the whole. Very intelligent, and fitted the standard geography lecturer stereotypes in terms of questionable dress sense and slightly lacking in social skills."

Well, it seems Joe did alright despite his lecturer's failings.