Lecturer shames students by publishing their browsing history from his class

We're all guilty of a little distraction here and there during lectures.

Whether it's trawling through ASOS' new collection, or watching Match of the Day, we've all lost attention at some point in a lecture.

However, for one unfortunate group of students at the University of Michigan, a rather displeased lecturer PUBLISHED their browsing histories on a powerpoint during one of their classes.

Clearly at his whit's end with students' lack of attention, the lecturer publicly outed his students with a slide entitled 'Things I Noticed EARTH 222/ENVIRON 232 Students Doing During Class.'

Whilst some of the things on the list are the classic go-to procrastination sites, such as Amazon, Facebook, Reddit and Tumblr, others were slightly more... off the beaten track.

The list included some slightly niché items. Chinese rap videos, students looking at pictures of themselves in suits, and even watching Planet Earth 2.

And then there was just the downright bizarre, including 'breeding dragons'...

As well as 'photoshopping President Donald Trump onto muppets'...

The list also had some definitely NSFW (or lectures?) searches, such as pornography and sex tapes, probably leading to one very uncomfortable student looking a bit like this:

One of the disgruntled professor's students, Tahany Alsabahi, shared the slide on Twitter, which has generated a vast mixture of hilarious responses:

We imagine the student searching $240 worth of turtlenecks probably looks a bit like this, right now:

Tahany said that most students found the slide funny, with a few being embarrassed. Either way, it looks like they might be paying a little more attention next time.