Last Christmas postage dates

Last delivery posts

Sure, this isn’t the 50’s, so you probably don’t have a stack of 100 Christmas cards to send to your nearest and dearest. However, we bet you have to send one to your grandparents/aunt etc - the people you never see, but your parents insist on making you handwrite a Christmas card to (because they are of ‘that’ generation).

Well don’t balls it up and get it sent on time - the last post days for Christmas are here. So if you’re sending anything and want to do it second class, you’ve got til Sat Dec 19 to get to the postbox.

If you’re the fancy type and are going to post anything first class, then Mon 21 Dec your last day.

If you’ve really messed this up, or totally forgot someone you can post special delivery (which will cost you!), you need to have it posted by Wed 23 Dec.

If you’ve missed all the dates (after you’ve done hitting your stupid self), they’ll either be getting a text, or you’re going to have to turn up at their house a few days after Christmas and pretend that hand delivering was the plan all along