15 landlords who are going to hell

May these 15 landlords burn in hell. Tad extreme, we take that back. May they receive mild sunburn in heck.

15) This landlord who "fixed" this shower with non-waterproof parcel tape is going straight to hell

"They say you need a plumber, when really they mean non-waterproof parcel tape. That's how the plumbers get ya, you see?"

14) This landlord / security expert

"Yeah, actual locks are a con. What's wrong with the old hole in door, chain through hole method? When's that ever killed anybody?"

"During fires."


"It's really the tenant's problem if they're causing fires, dude. I'm not responsible for everything."

13) This landlord, who did this in response to them asking for "a bigger table"

"It's not my problem you're using ambiguous language, tenants. You asked for a bigger table, you got a bigger table."

12) This DIY pro is going to heck

Hell's a bit harsh for this dude. He tried, and clearly put the effort in.

11) This probable serial killer, who repaired his tenant's leak with duct tape

"Why do you have so much duct tape, George?"

"Oh, no reason..."


"Won't all the water leak around the back, George?"

"No. Problem solved. Permanently."

10) This guy. This guy is going to the inner circle of hell for this repair job.

"Lamp's fixed, just don't use it for Christ's sake."

9) This guy, who charges you to use the lift

"What? What's wrong? I'm only thinking of your health, folks."

8) This guy, who installed a placebo thermostat...

"You know, it's weird, but I actually do feel warmer..."

7) This guy, who fixed the shower

Permanently this time. Like for eternity. Like the eternity he's going to burn in hell for.

6)The landlord who installed this lock

"Yeah it's a little loose, but you get the gist."

5) This landlord, who repaired the house's boo boo

"There, there housey. All better. Legally speaking, you're all better and I have fulfilled all obligations for repairs to the tenants."

4) This guy, who fixed that annoying warmth generating chimney hole

"Nah, it won't get cold without the fire. The ventilation chimney will draw the warm air from outside and emanate from the wooden radiator thing."

3) This guy, who will have the same fire safety equipment in hell

"Fire everybody, fire! Find the key, we need that 440ml bottle of Evian..."

2) This guy, who provided the television AND stand

"No-one uses the sides of TVs these days. You're moaning about nothing."

1) This guy, who installed a shower head for legs

"You're telling me you don't sit down in the shower?"

"That's a bath."

"You're being fussy, I've completely nailed the height of the shower head. Literally nailed it, you aren't getting any adjustments now."