Lads... Would you get this new beauty treatment for your balls?

Most guys' balls show just as much personality as their face; some large, some small, some more dangly than others.

It's a sad day, though, when boys are made to feel ashamed of their sack, which is fast becoming the case.

More and more men have started getting a new beauty treatment dubbed 'scrotox', where Botulinum is injected into the scrotum, to tighten and firm the balls.

Surgeons have reported a skyrocket in people asking for the treatment, which they call 'ball ironing' in the past year.

Not only does it remove wrinkles from the scrotum (much like getting botox on the face), it can improve sensation during sex.

It makes the balls hang lower and looser, which one man told Cosmopolitan was 'more stimulating for [his] girlfriend.'

People who've had the procedure say it's no more painful than botox of the face, but so far there has only been one study into scrotox (which was for pain relief purposes rather than cosmetic).

It costs about the same as 'above the belt' botox, which is about £400 to £600, and it lasts between three and six months.

If you want your balls to swing free like on a hot summer's day, I guess that's just the price you have to pay.