Kim Kardashian has just made a public announcement about all the pregnancy rumours

In the last two weeks, the media has gone crazy over not one, but TWO Kardashian/Jenner pregnancies, with Kylie and Khloe both apparently pregnant.

Although no official Kardashian source has announced the pregnancies, the media went crazy at the idea of Kylie and Khloe both expecting babies.

Kylie is supposedly 5 months pregnant with boyfriend Travis Scott's baby, while Khloe is thought to be pregnant with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

However excited we may be at the thought of more Kardashian/Jenners, we have also been doubtful over these claims.

Well, finally one Kardashian has spoken up. Kim has just tweeted about the rumours herself:

Finally someone has spoken up. Apparently the Kardashians don't even speak to the people who are revealing all these stories to the press... it still doesn't answer whether or not anyone's actually pregnant though.