19 kids who got detention for hilarious reasons

Parents have been sharing why their kids got detention. They're pretty damn incredible reasons.

19) Jacob Batman

"I am not the symbol this playground wants. I am the symbol this playground needs."

18) Yandry the adult dressed up as a child

"You know, thinking about it I should have given a detention for 'being an adult doing a half-assed impersonation of a child' but hindsight is 20-20 and my god, Yandry must have been about 40."

17) Anthony Superman

"I should have taken the glasses off. Then they'd have seen the truth."

16) This moron

"Stop lying about metric. Or imperial. Always get those two mixed up. Anyhow, I'll see you in detention."

15) This level 32 Paladin

"Detention. We all know you should have used a tome of weakening before unleashing the hammer of justice."

14) Dalten Duncan Quagmire

"You're in deep..."

"That's what she said"

"...trouble young man."

13) Malfoy

"As a squib, I find that extremely offensive."

12) This future hairdresser

"Yeah I told Toni and Guy about the puke / urine / hair thing and they said I could skip some of the training, jump right into wet cuts."

11) This muggle

F*cking muggles.

10) Buzzfeed Jones, over here

"I'm trying to work, Buzz."

"I understand that. Here are 10 cats who think they're Charles Bronson."

"I am trying to WORK, Buzzfeed!"

9) Jesus

"I'm going to have to give you detention, Marissa."

"I forgive you."

"Stop... stop being Jesus, Marissa.

"Father said there would be those who doubted me."

8) This scientist

"First you don't do your homework and now this. You really need to buckled down and do some homework and stop trying to burn sh*t to the ground."

7) Lucas Wikileaks

Last seen occupying detention.

6) Jacob

"You have to take off your top to show you're serious. How else would bros know I'm ready to throw down? You're being very unreasonable about this."

5) This mahogany enthusiast

"Yeah. Think twice before you name any woods from now on. If they brought back caning I swear to god you'd be the first kid to get a caning."

"With a pine cane?"

"Never you mind the wood, Timothy. Right, that's an afterschool detention. You're only wasting your own time."

4) Gassy Joe

"You've got to nip it in the bud. Give them a detention for squeaking their chair, or they'll be farting in other students' faces next. You mark my words."

3) Hawley "Yolo" Collin

"Someone said to me once that... you only live once, you know? And that advice has really stuck with me. So now I seize the moment. I see an opportunity, I go for it. I see a sandwich, I throw that f*cker. Yolo, you know?"

2) Kate Winslet

"Don't worry. Your heart will go on."

1) Little Charlie Painthuffer

"Charlie are you drinking raw paint? At least use a damn mixer."

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