KFC has released the ultimate Christmas gift

KFC have created many possible solutions to having KFC around you at all times, first they came up with this ingenious nail polish:

Their nail polish allowed you to taste KFC's goodness at all times just by lickin' your finger nails. This was clever, but also a bizarre thing to be doing in public.

Well now KFC has gone one step further to help you enjoy their fried chicken goodness at all times.

Part of the wonderful experience of KFC happens from the moment you step into the restaurant, when you are submerged in the aroma of fried chicken.

Well KFC were aware of this so have created the best possible solution to having this experience at home all the time.

They have created the ultimate scented candle, smelling exactly like the food its produces. We think it should be called 'Eau De Chicken'.

They first announced this revolutionary candle on their New Zealand twitter page:

The only problem is that there is only one candle up for grabs, which went to the lucky winner @southerncrumble (we all secretly hate you).

The candle has received a lot of mixed reviews:

Whilst Floyd Haas and BedfordRed are clearly the grinches of Xmas:

We are totally on the same page Random Comms:

So KFC we ask you to launch this gift before Christmas, we are fed up of receiving sandalwood candles with a hint of ginger (what even is sandalwood?) from our estranged cousins.