Kanye is back on Twitter. Here are the highlights.

Love him or hate him, Kanye West is hard to ignore. His twitter became legendary in 2015/16 with its constant flood of controversial to inspiring to downright weird content in the run up to his most recent album The Life of Pablo.

But not long after, he deleted his Twitter.

Well, now he’s back, and it’s as wild as ever:

1. New Album(s)

He announced that he has a new solo album out on June 1st, as well as a separate album of collaborations with rapper-producer Kid Cudi (who you’ll definitely remember from Day’n’Nite) out on June 8th.

2. 'Philosophy'

Before returning to Twitter he announced his desire to release a philosophy book called Break the Simulation that would talk about time, consciousness and capitalism. But then there came the waves of musings on his Twitter, which he then revealed to be the book itself, written in real time. Some of it is inspiring, some is bizarre, and some of it very meme-worthy.

3. 'Yeezy Slides'

He used the platform to promote loads of stuff from his fashion line, with these ‘shoes’ grabbing a lot of attention… I mean he probably knows a lot more about fashion than I do, but they’re not gorgeous tbh…

4. Candace Owens

He’s also caused a bit of a storm by praising controversial right-wing personality Candace Owens who has appeared on ‘Infowars’ and works for ‘Turning Point USA’ – it’s not clear what he sees in her, but hopefully he isn’t going down the Morrissey path, the Smiths frontman who gradually became a full-blown alt-right nationalist.

The mixture of controversy and excitement around the famous rapper is stronger than ever, and whilst a lot of Twitter will always be so appalled, his core fans will be having a celebration at all this buzz.