Justin Bieber just messaged a random girl's work because he fancied her

Most people have a celebrity crush they wished would slide straight into their DMs.

And let's be honest, ever since James Franco messaged 17 year old Lucy Clode on Instagram, we've all secretly had our hopes up.

But when Jessica Gober posed for an Instagram photo for her work's fitness Instagram @fitnessonbroughton, she probably didn't think much of it.

... Until Justin Bieber DMed the account asking 'Who is that girl? ❤️'


Jessi was understandably completely baffled, especially considering the account has 73 followers. I mean... how did he find her for starters.

Before Jessi could even reply, 'what do you mean?', Twitter completely LOST it:

However, whilst people were expressing their most heartfelt jealousy, Jessi revealed that she already had 'everything' she needed, posting a picture of her with her boyfriend:

Sorry Bieber... looks like you might have to Love Yourself instead.