John Lewis spoil their Christmas advert in huge fail

It's no secret that John Lewis' Christmas advert is one of the most hyped aspects of Christmas.

Usually shrouded in mystery until early November, it is hotly anticipated by many as one of the best things about the festive period.

So when a mysterious Twitter account appeared on Monday under the handle @UnderTheBed2017, people began speculating that the ad was going to drop.

The 3 second clip showing an enchanted pair of eyes plunged Twitter into a speculative frenzy, as people likened the creature in the ad to previous years.

Credit Twitter

However, John Lewis remained silent, allowing rumours to run amok with no official confirmation.

The advert is expected to drop officially tomorrow, Friday 10th.

However, it seems that one over-zealous John Lewis store just couldn't hold the secret in. The Cardiff John Lewis released 'Under the Bed' cuddly toys prior to the adverts official release, ruining the enigmatic Twitter account that was keeping people guessing.

Credit Twitter

The preemptive release of the toy shatters the illusion around the mysterious pair of eyes seen under the bed in the clip, showing an owl-like 'monster' that will be this year's iconic protagonist.

John Lewis have yet to comment on the store's blunder, but now we know that the Under The Bed account is a glimpse of the advert, as well as what this year's creature will be.

Way to ruin the surprise GUYS.