Jeremy Corbyn stepping down as Labour leader, according to reports

Jeremy Corbyn, the current leader of the Labour party, is believed to have set a departure date for his role.

Manchester Evening News' Political and Social Affairs Editor, Jennifer Williams claimed via twitter that she had been informed that Corbyn will resign, but not immediately.

Williams says that three unnamed sources have told her that the is 'definite manoeuvering'.

Sources close to the Labour leader claim there is no truth in the rumours.

But if the rumours were to be true, it would not come as a surprise. While Corbyn has been hailed by the public, he has had his fair share of trouble in his current role.

He had a mass abandonment by many Labour backbenchers and even those closer to him after the EU referendum, then he was accused of lying about how packed a train was when he tried to make a point.

It is fair to say he has had his critics but is it time to go? Let us know what you think in the poll below:

Should Jeremy Corbyn step down as Labour leader?