It turns out a crying baby isn't the worst thing to share a flight with

Writer and Twitter user Sara Nović thought she was in luck when the seat next to her was empty on her red eye flight this morning, but she really, really, wasn't.

This story gets so much worse, we promise.

Oh, that's good, at least he's a responsible doll owner.

We seriously pity the airport workers who had to issue "her" with a ticket at the gate.

Well, anyone who travels with a creepy doll that needs its own seat knows that you should probably keep your potassium levels up (?).

I'm sure the bride of Chucky he's taking this delightful weekend break with is really going to enjoy these heavily religious sounding exhibits.

Sara is truly doing God's work.

OH HELL NO. We couldn't sleep next to THAT on a flight. Nope. Not doing it.

Well, at least she'll never have to see the doll again after this flight (except during harrowing night terrors).


Cute name!

FFS. This thing is absolutely horrible. And how inconsiderate of the man to not offer Barb the window seat on either of those flights!