It took 46 years, but this man just ate 30,000 Big Macs

Thirty-thousand. That’s 16,890,000 calories, or one metric tonne of fat. 64 year old Dan Gorske from Wisconsin just managed it.

He’s been eating them daily since they were introduced, and hasn’t stopped for anything...

Crowds and news crews flocked to capture the landmark event:

Surely then, he is the most unhealthy man in all of history? Well, not really, his cholesterol and blood pressure are fine, and he even ran a marathon in 2006...

His obsession isn’t just with eating the food from McDonalds, he also kept a catalogue of memorabilia all this time. Sadly, he lost most of this in the 90s when a tornado struck his house.

Since beginning his habit, he’s only spent 8 days without eating one.

Here’s to another 30,000, I guess!