Is your Uni one of the UK's most complained about?

University complaints

When you fork out £9,000 for anything, you expect it to be good right? This applies to your university too. It’s a lot of money to waste, and students are prepared to complain if they are not happy. A recent survey by The Complete University Guide has named London Metropolitan and Cardiff Metropolitan as the two worst universities in the UK for student complaints.

Almost half of universities and colleges in England and Wales had more than 10 unresolved student complaints per 1,000 students between 2012 and 2014. The survey dealt with Completion of Procedure letters, which are issued by universities to students when internal complaints procedures have been exhausted.

Top 10 universities with the most unresolved complaints (per 1,000):

  1. London Metropolitan (84.5)
  2. Cardiff Metropolitan (64.7)
  3. Liverpool (57.2)
  4. London South Bank (56.3)
  5. Leicester (52.3)
  6. Newcastle (50.8)
  7. Glyndŵr (46.7)
  8. Cardiff (45.2)
  9. Aston (44.7)
  10. Surrey (43.3)

Does your uni have no complaints?

There are only five institutions that don’t have any unresolved complaints, which include the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama, ifs University College, Ravensbourne, the Royal College of Art and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

Bernard Kingston, principle author of the guide said: “It is a sad fact of life that disputes sometimes arise between students and the universities they have chosen to attend. Students need to know that their complaints are handled effectively and sympathetically. The data we have complied show clearly the relative success of institutions in resolving disputes before they escalate to the OIA or peter out.”

What are students complaining about?

It’s not all about early lectures and the price of a pint, they also have the right to complain about abut the service (it should be of good quality like anything else you pay for!). The issues that can be independently assessed include:

  • The quality of services provided by the university
  • Teaching and facilities
  • Student accommodation and welfare
  • Discrimination, welfare, bullying and harassment
  • Maladministration
  • Procedural irregularities or unfair practises
  • Fitness to practice

You can’t complain about admissions, academic judgement or student employment.

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