Is this woman the biggest snitch on the internet?

Nobody like a grass, and that's just a simple fact of British life.

Especially when you're grassing someone up to over 36,000 Twitter followers, which is exactly what this woman did... And Twitter REALLY didn't like it.

Tech journalist Holly Brockwell sent a tweet to cleaner hire app Handy (and her sizeable Twitter following) after her cleaner got bleach on a towel in her bathroom and hid the evidence under another towel.

In the now-deleted Tweet, Brockwell tagged in the company, which users were suggesting was a dick move, and could see the cleaner getting fired for the mistake.

It got a little heated, with Brockwell eventually deciding to delete the original Tweet and contact Handy to make sure the cleaner hadn't been fired.

There were also some people who jumped to her defence, saying she had every right to complain.

What do you guys think?